Welcome to Virtual Syllabus


About Us

Virtual Syllabus is a dynamic platform with an aim to oversee quality education all around the globe. It is an eLearning platform to incorporate transient skills among learners. Virtual Syllabus is aiming to reconstruct the teaching methodology all around the globe focusing on practical learning.

Believing in Smart Work, we provide structured resources to make your learning streamlined and much more productive. We analyze the gap between technology and a user, and build our courses to acknowledge this gap.

Moreover, technology-specific courses are developed for you to keep you intact and updated with the latest trends without getting bored.

To endure in this Technology Boom, we need perfect cost-effective crossovers for us to swim in this huge ocean of learning. We do the same for you!!

We offer a full spectrum of services to help our audience to perform beyond their expectations. We prepare industry-ready professionals as per the market requirement. Happiness of our client act as our fuel for every day. We believe, if you want a change in life you need to bring it. If you are ready to hustle and embrace a change in you, we have a place for you.

Are you ready? Join us to be a tech boomer.


Our Vision

  • To be the most trusted eLearning platform
  • To empower each and every one
  • To be more intact with the society 

Our Mission

  • To reconstruct the pattern of learning among peers
  • To have a much effective course structure
  • To prepare industry-ready professionals
  • To develop a productive workspace
  • To standout beyond user’s expectations

Our Value

  • To bring smile on the face of our users
  • To deploy a responsive support for our users
  • To provide best resources for learning
  • To extract out the strength of our users
  • To gain some power and bring the impact